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Rana Dekki

Artist, glass maker and sculptor.

I was born in Damascus, Syria in 1967 and moved to Beirut aged 4, just in time for the war in the early 70s. To escape the war my family moved to Paris in 1975, and in 1978 we moved to Kensington in London where I studied at the Lycee Francais Charles De Gaule.

As an adult I lived in San Francisco attending the California State University of Hayward studying photography, I was  eventually drawn back to London where I worked as a photographers assistant and scenic painters assistant for several years.

In 1993 I attended Wimbledon School of Art where I earned a degree in Technical Art Interpretation. After completing my degree I worked for several years in the film and advertising industry as a set builder, sculptor and painter.


I now live and work in rural Herefordshire.


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